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RubyLoot and Foomf
  • Will adopt some identical girls.
  • Are aspiring to slow dance on Saturdays.
  • Endure the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.
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Hot Dog

Uh oh!

What kind of Jedi are you?
LJ Username
Dark Side Growth Potential - 9%
Light Side Growth Potential - 6%
Master's Name rickj
How likely you are to lose a limb - 74%
Lightsaber Blade's color Green
Lightsaber Style Two Lightsabers, one in each hand
This fun quiz by neo_epyon - Taken 3510 Times.
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Hot Dog

Mmmmm, dodos!

Unless I am dead tired, in order to go to sleep I have to unhitch my brain from the Traintracks of Logic and Reason and hitch them up to the Rollercoaster of Freefloating Silly Association.

Which lead me to the following thoughts a few nights ago.

What if the reason for extinction of various flora and fauna was not "simply" loss of habitat, human intrusion or climate change, but the fact that they were just too delicious to live?

"Bob, you have got to come over here and have a bite! This dodo tastes exactly like hot fudge!"

And unicorns tasted like corn dogs, complete with handles. Of course, the various yummy plants couldn't even try to run away.
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