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Memory is all we have in the end.

23 September
I am a sadly bitter woman, yet I've been told I am funny. Perhaps this is the same as being told you have a great personality, even though dogs howl and children run screaming whenever you venture out publicly.
I'm also a native Oregonian who spent my youth in the far north of California, for what that's worth.

I am far too well-acquanted with foomf.

I like odd folks, as long as they bathe.

RubyLoot was my wife. She died January 12th, 2006, from endometrial cancer.
I knew her for almost exactly 30 years, to the day.

I will be updating her journal from time to time with information and stories about her, so that her friends online will have a better idea of who she was, or at least, who I knew her to be. I have disabled further comments to this journal. If you want to comment on something you'll need to contact me instead.